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New group for career oriented singles

Are you a busy single and would love to have more quality dates without all the time commitment or frustration that comes with online dating? 


Join our free group now where you can meet other people like you who are on the same path as you and support each other. 


We're constantly answering your questions, giving out massive value & current dating as well as texting strategies to you that will make you more successful, discussing dating tips & online platforms - and having lots of fun in the process....

Attention: This is not for everyone!

  • You must be an executor... 


  • You care more about quality dates than a quick number and you want to massively reduce your time investment in online dating apps. 

  • You need to be open-minded and have a positive energy!

  • You need to actively participate in the group! If you just want to check in from time to time to see "what's new", then this group is not for you...

If you recognize yourself in this, then click the button now!

I look forward to having exciting discussions with you very soon!


- Leonardo - 

Leonardo Reinhard 

Founder Amorai
Matchmaking for career oriented singles

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